Democrats Are to Blame if the Next Terror Attack Hits Here

That terrorists would kill children leaving a pop concert is deplorable. This is what happens when countries adopt open border policies that admit refugees with no-questions-asked.

President Trump did his job. He dismantled Barack Obama's unvetted refugee program. However, liberal activist judges on the west coast decided they liked Obama's policies better. Not only did they block Trump's extreme vetting programs, but they forced him to reinstate Obama's refugee program.

We cannot afford to let these judges legislate from the bench any longer...

Congress promised to take action if Trump won. They promised to get strict on immigration and refugee admissions. They are hoping you forgot about their promises because they are terrified of actually having to take action...

It is up to you to remind them and force them to act!

Send your FaxBlast below and DEMAND that Congress pass the Safety Against Foreign Enemies Act to shut down the admission of unvetted refugees!

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