Scoop: Real Talk in Congress About Impeaching These Activist Judges

For the first time, we are hearing people on Capitol Hill talking about impeaching liberal activist judges. After the Fourth Circuit just rewrote the law and branded Trump a racist in order to block his national security executive order, members of Congress and their aides are privately considering impeachment as an option.

During the oral arguments, the ACLU's lawyer argued that if Hillary Clinton had signed the same executive order, it would be constitutional, but that Trump should be held to a higher standard.

These activist judges didn't just violate the Constitution and rewrite the law to attack the President. By doing so, they left America vulnerable to radical Islamic terrorism and kept Barack Obama's unvetted refugee program in place.

Enough is enough. Tell Congress below that they MUST move to impeach these liberal activist judges for violating the Constitution and legislating from the bench!

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