Breaking: Trump Goes on Offense, Makes Huge Demand

President Trump just dropped the hammer. He is demanding that Congress go nuclear and change the rules to pull the rug out from under the Democrats.

Right now, a handful of RINOs and Democrats in both the House and the Senate are able to halt the entire legislative process. There is no pressure on them because the current Senate rules allow the Democrats to block anything they want.

The President is calling on the GOP to invoke the nuclear option and finish what they started. We have the unique opportunity to reshape the country and put it back on the right track. But as long as RINOs and Democrats are allowed to block bills from coming up for a vote, we will remain stuck in Barack Obama's America.

Years from now, when people ask what we did to save this country, I want the answer to be "everything we possibly could."

The President is launching a major push to get his legislative agenda through Congress but he needs your help!

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