Pres. Trump Needs Your Help Stopping The GOP's Illegal Alien Surrender

President Donald Trump is fighting back. After weeks of Democrats claiming he had abandoned his immigration promises, the President just released his 70-pt plan for fixing the American immigration system. It includes more Border Patrol agents, an end to unskilled immigration, passing Kate's Law and a Sanctuary City ban, and yes, it includes the full border wall.

Trump's demands came as a shock to both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. They thought they'd actually get away with just renewing Obama's amnesty programs.

Our goal today is to bury Congress in over 200k FaxBlasts and force all 535 offices' fax machines be running all day long. That way, they will not be able to ignore the American people any longer. But we need your help. The President needs your help to finish this!

It's up to you. Tell Congress in no uncertain terms that they MUST pass the President's 70-pt immigration plan, or else! 

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