Obama Judge Blocks Travel Ban for 3rd Time, Dares Congress to Impeach Him

The Supreme Court had to step in and overrule Hawaii District Judge Derrick Watson, who tried twice blocked Trump's refugee and travel executive order. After the Supreme Court ruled in Trump's favor twice, that same Federal Judge has once again intervened to block the travel ban.

Judge Derrick Watson rewrote the executive order to allow practically any refugee into the country, as long as they can prove they're related to someone in the country. Now, he is declaring the whole thing to be an unconstitutional "Muslim ban," even though Trump has added Christian-majority countries to the list...

Because of this activist judge, Pres. Trump is now powerless to block refugees' entry into the country. He has to let all of the unvetted refugees in.

Congress needs to put a stop to this liberal activist judge! Send your instantly delivered FaxBlast below and FORCE Congress to put a stop to this judicial activism, by any means necessary. That includes impeachment!

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