Oh Boy: Trump Demands Congress End Mueller Witch Hunt and Target DNC, Clintons, and Obama!

Paul Manafort has jumped the rails. On Monday, he will likely arrest either Paul Manafort or Michael Flynn on charges that have nothing to do with the narrative that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

President Trump just broke his silence. He posted a stinging statement this morning demanding that Congress shut this witch hunt down and start going after the DNC, Clintons, and Obama administration for their obvious crimes.

When Trump demands that Congress act, he is actually calling on you to rise up. You are the one who has power over Congress, not the President, and Trump needs you to pressure Congress into shutting this nonsense down!

Use our FaxBlast system and deliver a message to every single Congressional office DEMANDING they shut down this witch hunt and redirect the investigation towards the real crimes committed by the Democratic National Committee, Clinton Campaign, and Obama administration!


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