Whoa: FBI Determined Hillary Clinton Broke the Law but Comey Intervened

This is a bombshell. James Comey's draft statement shows that he and the rest of the FBI originally found that Hillary Clinton had broke the law and been "grossly negligent" in handling Classified information. However, at the last minute, this was changed to save her from prosecution.

This comes on the same day we learned that Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta, actually used his lobbying firm to help the Russians secure the Uranium One deal. His firm made $180,000 and never filed as foreign lobbyists.

Add in everything we know about the Clinton Foundation payments and Bill's $500k Russian speaking fee, and a clear pattern emerges: the Obama administration put its finger on the scales of justice to protect the Clintons.

Now, even moderates like Lindsey Graham are saying its time for a Special Prosecutor. It's time to finish this!

Don't let the Clintons get away with this! Use the instantaneous FaxBlast system below to bombard Congress and DEMAND a Special Prosecutor to investigate all of these Clinton crimes!

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