Obama Holdovers Caught Working with UN to Save Radical Climate Treaty!

Obama holdovers have arrived at the UN Climate Conference in Germany. Even though Trump announced our withdrawal from the radical climate treaty, these Obama leftists leftover in government went anyway, hoping to figure out a way to keep the US in it.

Democrats and liberal Republicans are hard at work to overrule the President and keep American taxdollars flowing to the UN and this radical treaty.

But Conservatives are fighting back. They have introduced H.R.673, the No Tax Dollars for the United Nations' Climate Agenda Act, to pull the funding for good. And this bill is starting to more support!

Don't let these Obama holdovers and liberal Republicans drag us back into the Obama era!

Put an end to this before it's too late! Use our FaxBlast system below and bombard Congress to FORCE them to kill these pro-UN measures and pull the funding for good!

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