Ted Cruz Demanding Vote on His Term Limit Amendment!

John Conyers has been in Congress for 53 years. Now that he is being accused by multiple women of sexual assault spanning decades, many are pressuring him to resign. But Conyers isn't going anywhere. He will cling to his seat as long as he physically can.

He is the embodiment of everything wrong with Congress. Instead of serving his constituents, he has spent the past half-century serving himself. Pelosi, Schumer, and McConnell have all held their seats for 30+ years as well.

Ted Cruz has introduced his Drain the Swamp amendment. It would impose term limits on Congress and kick out all of these self-serving career politicians.

McConnell is blocking it because he knows it will mean the end of him.

Rise up and FORCE Congress to vote on it! Send your FaxBlast below and demand that Congress schedule a vote and pass the Drain the Swamp amendment!


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