After Florida Shooting, Gutless GOP Leadership Abandoning Pro-Gun Bills!

And just like that, the GOP leadership is running away from their 2nd Amendment promises. Congress was slated to vote on a number of pro-2nd Amendment bills in the next week or so. Now, Leftists are demanding Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell cancel these votes and pull every single pro-2nd Amendment bill we have worked so hard to pass. And the GOP leadership is actually listening to them...

They did this after the Congressional baseball shooting and cancelled a vote on a major bill that would have undone Obama's most unconstitutional gun control regulations. They did this after the Vegas shooting. Now, they're trying to derail this once again.

Do not allow gun control advocates to use this tragedy to undo all the progress we have made in restoring the 2nd Amendment!

Don't let these GOP cowards surrender your 2nd Amendment rights and give up on these common-sense bills!

Don't let these gun-grabbers succeed! Send your urgent and instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to defend your 2nd Amendment rights and put an end to this new gun control push!

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