GOP Leadership Abandoning Plan to Defund Sanctuary Cities

Congress must pass a full-government spending bill next week. The Founding Fathers called this the "power of the purse," a chance for Congress -- and by extension, YOU -- to use government funding to stop lawlessness.

Right now, a handful of liberal activist judges are blocking President Trump from pulling sanctuary cities' funding. They are letting these sanctuary cities interfere with federal investigations by saving illegal aliens from deportation.

The mayor of Oakland California is actually defying the Trump administration and warning illegal aliens when ICE raids are coming. The mayor of San Francisco has promised to go to jail if necessary to protect illegals by doing the same.

We have a window to end this once and for all, but that window is only open for a short time. It is now or never!

Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress below and FORCE them to cut off funding for sanctuary cities once and for all!

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