Trump Just Hit Mitch McConnell Right Between the Eyes!

President Trump gave Mitch McConnell an ultimatum: bust through the left's obstruction and pass the President's agenda or be removed.

We are 14 months into the Trump Presidency and the Senate still has yet to vote on hundreds of nominees. Democrats are running out the clock. They are stalling in the hopes of taking back the Senate in November. Then, they would be able to permanently block all of Trump's nominees.

Where is the GOP leadership? They're letting it happen. They are more committed to 'preserving the rules' than they are to winning.

The President is calling on YOU to help win this fight. He needs you to hold Congress' feet to the fire and FORCE them to act!

Please, join the fight and bombard Congress with FaxBlasts right now demanding that they bust through the left's obstruction and pass the President's agenda now!

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