Breaking: Dems and GOP Scramble to Protect Mueller's Witch Hunt!

Yesterday, the Mueller investigation reached an all new low as FBI agents raided Trump's lawyer's office, home, and hotel room. The raid came from the Mueller witch hunt.

What does this have to do with Russia? Nothing. This is about the Establishment destroying Trump by any means necessary.

Trump was furious. Now, the Establishments of both parties are scrambling to protect Mueller from being fired. They are renewing calls to pass two bills, sponsored by Republicans, that would protect Mueller from being fired. They desperately want to overrule the American electorate.

If either of these bills pass, it will be next to impossible to shut Mueller's witch hunt down. 

Don't let this happen! 

Use this FaxBlast system below and FORCE Congress to kill these two bills -- S.1735 and S.1741 - and pull the plug on Mueller's witch hunt before it is too late!

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