Update: Cowards in GOP Surrender, Schedule Vote to Protect Mueller's Witch Hunt!

Robert Mueller crossed the line. Instead of staying within his scope and investigating Russian interference and collusion, he has ventured out into personally going after President Trump and his allies.

But the raid on Trump's personal attorney's office went too far.

Trump is looking at firing Mueller or his boss, Rod Rosenstein. Conservatives in Congress are also looking at impeaching Rosenstein and even ending the Mueller witch hunt.

The GOP establishment is terrified. They are teaming up with Democrats to pass legislation to make Mueller's investigation permanent and to block anyone from firing him.

Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley just announced he has caved and will allow these 'protect Mueller' bills to get a vote.

Please, stop this surrender before it's too late! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress (below) and FORCE them to kill both S.1735 and S.1741 right now!

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