Bombshell News: Obama White House Led Deep State's Trump Surveillance

Congressman Mark Meadows just came out with a bombshell. He has uncovered evidence that the plot to spy on the Trump campaign reached all the way into the Obama White House!

Now, the Republican Establishment is rushing to cover this up. They want Meadows and other Freedom Caucus Conservatives to hand the evidence over to the FBI... to the same agents implicated in these crimes.

Your voice has power. Mitch McConnell was just forced to block legislation to save and protect the Mueller witch hunt. The GOP is terrified of losing in November and realize that they cannot keep stabbing Conservatives in the back.

It is time to FORCE Congress to restart the investigations into these Obama crimes. Yes, I said Obama crimes!

Please, join the fight and send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress DEMANDING a full Congressional investigation into these Obama crimes!

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