Just In: Another GOP Traitor Joins Push to Protect Mueller's Witch Hunt!

There are now at least eight GOP Senators who have signed onto the Left's plan to protect Mueller's witch hunt. But those are only the ones we know about. On the House side, GOP RINOs are rushing to sign onto the plan as well, hoping it will save their seats this fall.

Why are they rushing? Because they know that if they don't save Mueller, he will be shut down!

Conservatives in Congress are rallying to shut Mueller's witch hunt down. Just in the past week, more than a dozen new Conservatives have come out demanding it.

Our FaxBlast campaign this past week delivered more than 150,000 FaxBlasts to Congress. That same day, multiple bills were introduced to shut Mueller down.

The pressure is working, but we can't let up. The Left believes they have flipped enough Republicans to protect Mueller.

Please, fight back before the Left succeeds...

Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress below and FORCE them to sign onto the bill to shut Mueller down for good!

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