Breaking: GOPers Begging Trump to Back Down on Government Shutdown Threat!

President Trump just dropped the hammer on Congress. If they do not fully fund and authorize the border wall, he will shut the government down and keep it shut down.

The deadline is in September but Trump knows that the appropriations process begins this week. That is why he is going all out.

But the only way Trump's plan works is if millions of Conservatives rise up and hold Congress' feet to the fire. Trump is threatening a government shutdown weeks before a Congressional election.

The only way the GOP leadership gives in is if they know they'll pay the price for it. It is your job to hold Congress' feet to the fire!

Don't let the GOP establishment block the border wall again! Send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to fund, approve, and build the wall, or else face the wrath of the American people!

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