You'll Never Guess How Much Mueller's Witch Hunt is Costing...

Robert Mueller's witch hunt took a turn this week. He has practically given up on investigating collusion (because it didn't happen). Instead, he is going after President Trump for firing James Comey.

On top of that, Mueller is also investigating Trump for a conversation he had with Jeff Sessions where he was asked to un-recuse himself. Mueller can't find any real crimes, so he is trying to turn the President's constitutional powers into crimes.

That is how desperate he's become. And now we know that Robert Mueller has spent more than $17 million on this witch hunt.

It is time to shut it down!

Help the Freedom Caucus pull the plug on this sham investigation! Please, send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress (below) and FORCE them to pass the DeSantis Amendment and defund Robert Mueller's out-of-control witch hunt!

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