Breaking: The GOP is Desperately Blocking Trump's UN Withdrawal!

The United Nations has dispatched monitors to the southern border and ordered President Trump to stop separating illegal alien families. They are trying to use the full weight of the Human Rights Council and international human rights law to drag us back into the Obama era of catch-and-release.

The only reason the United Nations can do this is because American taxpayers give the UN billions of dollars a year. They are literally using your tax dollars against us.

Trump responded by ordering the American withdrawal from the UNHRC and a complete defunding.

Now, Democrats are working with the RINOs to not only restore that funding, but to even give away MORE American tax dollars.

You CANNOT let a handful of GOP cowards save the UN! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress (below) and FORCE them to cut off the United Nations' funding and put an end to its anti-Americanism for good!

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