Donald Trump Just Smacked Open-Borders Paul Ryan in the Teeth!

Donald Trump just smacked Paul Ryan in the teeth. He announced on Friday that he would NOT sign Ryan's "compromise" amnesty bill as written!

Conservatives in Congress immediately pounced and used this opportunity to reshape the bill to meet the President's demands: an end to the visa lottery, significant decreases in chain migration, an end to catch-and-release, and $25 billion for the border wall.

Paul Ryan is pushing back. He will give Conservatives their vote, but he is also going to hold a vote on the Left's amnesty plan.

This vote happens in two days.

We're out of time. President Trump is in the fight. Conservative Republicans are as well. 

It is up to YOU to force the rest of the GOP to stand down!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to kill Ryan's surrender plan and pass President Trump's immigration agenda!

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