Shameful: Republican Traitors Are Now Openly Blocking Trump's Nominees, Agenda

The GOP is openly rebelling against Conservatives. Not only are Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell refusing to push President Trump's agenda through, but they are allowing the never-Trump cowards to openly resist and obstruct.

We see it on immigration. We see it on UN funding.

Now, we're seeing it on judicial appointments too. Lame duck Senator Jeff Flake just announced he will block all of Trump's judicial nominees until the administration changes course on tariffs and its Cuba policy.

This coward would rather leave spots on Federal courts empty than add more Constitutional Conservatives to the bench. It's shameful.

It is time to purge all of these Never-Trump obstructionists from leadership positions! We cannot afford to let them hold onto power!

Please, send your urgent and instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to purge these obstructionists from leadership positions, or else be removed themselves!

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