Traitors in Congress are Working to Save the UN's Climate Fund

The UN is dangerously close to having to shut down their Green Climate Fund. Thanks to President Trump pulling the plug last year, this is the first year that the UN doesn't have enough climate change money to redistribute around the world. 

Obama had promised them $3 billion (of your tax dollars). When President Trump cut the funding, the UN had nowhere else to turn.

Now, the UN is fighting back. They are refusing to allow President Trump to withdraw and demanding that Congress reauthorize all of the money Obama pledged to them. They know that if they don't get your taxdollars, they'll be out of business.

Congress is back in session and the globalists are already trying to get the funding restored. Now is the time to strike before it's too late!

Please, Send your FaxBlast to Congress below and FORCE them to nullify Barack Obama's unconstitutional climate treaty signature pull all funding once and for all!

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