Dems Furious After Trump Rips Apart Obama-Era Gun Ban!

The Trump administration just did something monumental. They removed the term "assault weapon" from the federal import/export regulations

For the first time, the Federal government is declaring that semi-automatic firearms are civilian weapons, not military hardware. Trump just tore down the same regulations that have been used to uphold radical gun bans across the country.

Democrats are rallying to stop him. They are trying to use an obscure Congressional mechanism to block Trump and restore the anti-gun regulations that were put in place under Clinton and Obama.

And just like on immigration, the Left is now just one vote away from succeeding. They've gotten 24 Republicans to join their gun control push.

President Trump is doing what he promised. Now it is up to YOU to stop Congress from rolling it back!

Please, join the fight to defend the 2nd Amendment! Send your instant FaxBlast right now to Congress and FORCE them to kill the left's plan to reverse Pres. Trump's new pro-gun orders!

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