Major Victory: Conservatives Defeat Establishment's Open Border Plan!

Paul Ryan just revealed his immigration plan. He will give President Trump the $5.5 billion for the border wall -- just a fraction of the total funding needed -- if Trump agrees to instantly legalize all of Obama's illegal alien amnesty recipients.

Ryan's plan would put illegal aliens on a pathway to citizenship before a single mile of the border wall is even built. Not only that, but it would allow future Congresses to pull the funding without affecting any of the amnesty. 

Truly, the Establishment thinks you aren't smart enough to see through their plan.

We scored a major victory this week when we defeated one of the GOP Establishment's open border proposals. Now it is time to kill the entire amnesty plan!

Please, send your instant Faxblast below and tell Congress you will REMOVE any Congressman or Senator joins this plot to make Obama's amnesty program permanent!

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