Breaking: Democrats Just Ordered the Deep State to Defy Pres. Trump's Order!

Deep State officials have been hiding documents from Congress for months. Conservatives in Congress subpoenaed these documents, but Rod Rosenstein simply refused to comply with the lawful order. Even though Congress has Rosenstein dead-to-rights on obstruction and contempt charges, Paul Ryan decided to let him go.

This week, President Trump ordered the DOJ and FBI to declassify all of the documents the Deep State was hiding from Congress and demanded they be released completely unredacted.

Just yesterday, both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ordered the DOJ to defy the President's order and continue hiding the documents. This is treasonous.

President Trump is doing literally everything he can, but he needs your help!

Send your instant and urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and ORDER them to seize these documents and charge every single Deep State official involved!

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