Breaking: United Nations Just Ordered Pres. Trump to PayUp!

The United Nations is ordering Trump and the Congress to fully restore funding to the radical UN Climate Treaty. They want all of the $3 billion that Barack Obama promised when he unconstitutionally signed the agreement without Congressional ratification.

The United Nations is even threatening to take the United States to court to force them to make the payments.

Enough is enough. A group of Conservative Congressmen are standing up and declaring 'not one cent more!' The American Sovereignty Restoration Act, sponsored by Rep. Mike Rodgers (R-AL) would cut ALL of the UN's funding. The only funding permitted would be to withdraw US personnel from the organization!

Congress just restored hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the United Nations, but they technically need to vote on the bill again to make it permanent.

Please, you must fight back and stop this!

Send your instantly delivered hard-copy FaxBlast to Congress right here and right now and ORDER them to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act immediately!

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