Breaking: Illegal Alien Caravan Busts Through Border Checkpoint, Continues Pushing Forward!

The illegal migrant caravan just busted through a Guatemalan border checkpoint. Look at the see of people in the photograph above. The only thing stopping this 4,000+ people caravan from reaching the US border in less than a day is that tiny chain-linked fence at the bottom right of the photo.

Under our current laws, practically every single one of these illegal migrants would be allowed into the United States. If they reach our border, they're in.

President Trump tried to cut foreign aid to the countries that let the caravan travel through. Congress blocked him.

Then, President Trump threatened to call up the National Guard to close the border, but liberal governors like Jerry Brown (CA) are refusing to comply.

Only Congress can stop this... and only YOU can force them to take action! If the Caravan breaks through, they will be at the US border in just hours. You must fight back now!

Don't let this happen! Send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to send a full border security package to President Trump's desk for signature!

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