GOP Furious: Trump Cuts Foreign Aid and Declares National Emergency Over Caravan!

The illegal immigrant caravan marching towards the US has now swelled to upwards of 9,000 people. The Mexican government has given up on trying to stop them. Instead, police are giving them a security escort.

The caravan's organizers hope to gather tens of thousands of people before they storm the US-Mexico border.

President Trump is defying Congress. He just ordered the State Department to begin cutting foreign aid and alerted the military to be on standby to respond to this national security emergency.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are ordering Democrats to stop talking about the caravan. The Left is begging the GOP leadership to continue holding off on a border security vote until after the midterm election. They know that if the vote was held today, they would lose on this issue.

The pressure has never been this great. The President is doing everything in his power to stop the caravan, even mobilizing the Army and Marines to close the border. But he needs YOU to force Congress to give him all of the tools he needs to shut this migrant caravan down!

Please, send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress right now and THREATEN that if they do not hold an immediate border security vote, they will be removed from office!

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