Breaking: Trump Just Smacked Paul Ryan Down On Immigration And It Was Amazing

Paul Ryan called President Trump yesterday and begged him to stop talking about immigration. Trump defied the Speaker and instead, ran a commercial last night during Sunday Night Football promising to stop the 'caravan invasion' from breaking into the country.

In that commercial, Pres. Trump delivered a simple message. "America’s future depends on you. Stop the caravan. Vote Republican.”

America's future does depend on you, but simply voting isn't enough. Paul Ryan struck an amnesty deal with Nancy Pelosi weeks ago. It includes full amnesty and Democrats are now demanding Congress pull the funding on Trump's border troop deployment.

You MUST hold Congress' feet to the fire and STOP the Ryan-Pelosi immigration surrender package before it's too late!

Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Ryan's immigration surrender plan and protect Trump's border troops!

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