Breaking: First Gun Confiscation Killing Reported in Maryland

Yesterday, police in Maryland showed up to 60-year-old Gary Willis' door at 5 am and ordered him to surrender all of his guns. One of his extended family members asked police to take away his guns. Since the police showed up so early, Gary answered the door with a gun in his hand. When he refused to comply with the confiscation order, a fight ensued and police shot him dead.

He wasn't being charged with a crime. He wasn't being institutionalized. By every measure, Gary Willis did nothing wrong. But one of his family members turned him into police and when he refused to hand over his guns, they shot him in his own home.

Gary Willis' only crime was that he assumed the words "shall not be infringed" actually meant something...

Right now, Congressional Republicans are working with Democrats to take Maryland's unconstitutional gun confiscation law and send it nationwide. This is the GOP's idea of "compromise." They are going to give up some of your rights in order to hold onto their power a little longer.

Do not let them get away with this!

Please, send your urgent and instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill the GOP's red flag gun confiscation proposal and stop the establishment from surrendering your gun rights!

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