Breaking: Caravan Illegal Aliens Arrive and Climb Our Border Fence!

Yesterday morning, the first 85 caravan migrants had arrived at the US-Mexico border. By the afternoon, almost 500 illegal migrants had arrived at the border. As soon as they arrived, they started scaling the border fence to break into the country.

The caravan was supposed to be days, if not weeks, away from getting here. These 500 illegal aliens arrived because the Mexican government gave them a police escort to travel through the country as fast as possible.

Over ten thousand caravan migrant are right behind them.

The GOP is scrambling to pass their immigration surrender bill before the Democrats take over Congress. Paul Ryan is pushing Rep. Hurd's plan as a "compromise." Instead of funding the border wall, the GOP wants to increase foreign aid funding to the countries helping the caravan!

President Trump is furious. Obama holdovers in the State Department are blocking the President from cutting this foreign aid and now GOP cowards in Congress want to give away the border wall funding to countries like Mexico.

The President urgently needs your help!

Please, send your instantly delivered hard-copy message to Congress right now and DEMAND that they kill Rep. Hurd's foreign aid plan and immediately vote to secure the border!

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