Breaking: Illegal Migrant Caravan Invading the US Today!

Last week, a thousand migrants violently rushed the border. They began pelting Border Patrol agents with rocks and actually tore steel panels off of the border wall. More than 60 illegal aliens were able to get through the border fence before agents used tear gas to push them back.

Now, the caravan organizers are going to do it again. They are rushing the border TODAY.

Congress has just six days left to pass the President's border wall funding, but you can hardly tell by looking at what is happening on Capitol Hill. There haven't been any committee votes... no mark-up sessions... absolutely no progress.

The GOP is telling Trump that they just don't have enough time to fund the border wall. They are telling the President that he will have better luck negotiating with Nancy Pelosi... This is disgusting. 

We are running out of time. If Congress does not fund the border wall by the end of the week, the project will never happen.

Rise up and fight before it's too late! 

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