Betrayal: GOP Turncoats Joining Democrats to Block Historic Pro-Gun Bills!

For two years, the GOP leadership has been running and hiding from pro-gun legislation. Every time a pro-2nd Amendment bill was coming up for a vote, they would cancel it. Spineless Republicans were afraid that supporting the 2nd Amendment would cost them their careers.

Well, after two years of the GOP stalling, we are up against the clock. In less than a couple weeks, all of the pro-gun bills that we have been fighting for get erased and sent back to the beginning of the legislative process.

This is our last opportunity to pass meaningful pro-gun legislation to not only expand the 2nd Amendment rights of all law-abiding Americans, but also to preserve it for generations to come. 

We have the votes to pass these bills. President Trump has promised to sign both the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act and the Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreation Enhancement Act. It is up to YOU to force Congress to schedule the votes before it's too late!

Please, don't let a handful of GOP cowards surrender the future of the 2nd Amendment to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats!

Send your instant and urgent hard-copy letter to Congress right here and now and FORCE them to put HR.38 and HR.3668 onto President Trump's desk for signature!

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