Breaking: Hundred-Plus Violent Caravan Migrants Just Rushed the US Border!

The illegal alien caravan has once again started rushing the US-Mexico border. On New Years Eve, these illegals launched an invasion attempt at the San Ysidro crossing and Border Patrol agents were forced to deploy tear gas to push them back.

Why did they rush? They want to get into the Country before the Left passes their amnesty bill! They know that if they can get in now, they'll get amnesty under Pelosi's comprehensive immigration plan.

Violent migrants are still rushing the border. We are seeing a spike across the country of illegal aliens are being arrested for killing police officers and civilians alike. The CDC has also now been deployed to the border region and is rushing to prevent these illegal aliens and caravan migrants from bringing infectious diseases like Tuberculosis and even HIV/AIDS into the Untied States.

And yet, the Democrats and establishment Republicans are preparing to vote to keep the border wide open anyway!

Don't let this Pelosi-GOP surrender plan pass! Please, send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this open border amnesty plan before it's too late!

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