Unbelievable: United Nations Orders Trump to Let New Migrant Caravan In!

The United Nations was behind all of the chartered buses that carried the thousands of caravan migrants from Mexico City to the US border back in November. Now, the UN is stepping in to provide help for the new caravan set to leave Honduras on Tuesday!

Make no mistake about it: The United Nations is trying to use YOUR tax dollars to facilitate an invasion of the United States' southern border.

But thanks to the government shutdown, none of that funding has been disbursed yet. The UN is currently running on fumes. Democrats are promising to push the new State Department Appropriations Bill through and give the United Nations a blank check to help these caravan invaders.

You have a chance to stop the UN once and for all, but it has to be right now!

Send your instant and urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now before it's too late and DEMAND they block all United Nations funding from passing!

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