Breaking: Dems and GOPers Rushing Votes on FOUR Horrible Gun Control Bills!

Republicans warned us last year that they were going to cave on the 2nd Amendment. One Congressman in Florida actually said that we would need to 'give up some of our freedoms' to make gun control Democrats happy.

We now know what he meant by this. The Democrats just unveiled their gun control package. It includes universal gun registration, semi-automatic gun bans, loosening requirements for gun confiscations, and giving the FBI the power to veto ANY gun sale in the country, without even needing to give a reason.

And Republicans are jumping at the opportunity to push it through!

If this bill passes, the 2nd Amendment will be completely gutted!

Please, send your instant and urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and ORDER them to kill this new gun control package, before it's too late!

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