Breaking: Congress Voting on TWO Bills This Week to Expand Gun Confiscations!

Pelosi and the Democrats will be voting this week on TWO terrible gun control bills. The first, H.R.8, would give the Federal government the power to record and register ALL gun sales and transfers in the country, setting us down the path to nationwide confiscations.

The second bill, H.R.1112, gives the FBI the power to indefinitely block gun sales. It also speeds up that slippery slope by loosening the definition of a prohibited person to include anyone who has a mental illness, developmental disability, or emotional instability. The government would no longer have to prove you are a threat to others or unable to care for yourself. Any mental illness would be enough to justify confiscations.

Even worse: Republicans are lining up to vote for it!

You MUST fight back against these unconstitutional gun control bills before it's too late!

Please, send your instant and urgent FaxBlast to Congress (using the system below) and FORCE them to kill H.R.8 and H.R.1112... or else!

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