Breaking Right Now: Democrats Pushing Through Radical United Nations Bill!

The Democrats are making good on their promise to restore the United Nations's funding. They just rushed a bill through subcommittee not only ending Trump's UN funding cuts, but also paying the UN back all of the hundreds of millions that Trump cut over the past two years.

They are trying to undo all of the progress and give the United Nations more American tax dollars than even Obama dared to consider.

And not only would we be permanently re-added to the UN's radical climate treaty, but American soldiers would once again be forced to fight overseas under the UN flag.

This is the biggest threat to America's sovereignty in years. And the GOP is already saying they're willing to compromise and try to meet the Democrats somewhere in the middle.


Stop the Establishment from giving the UN its power back! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress (below) and demand they KILL Rep. Lowey's UN funding restoration bill!

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