Important: Military Judge Frees Navy Seal Hero, But There's A Catch...

A military judge has confirmed what we have been reporting for weeks: military prosecutors did not only violate ethical guidelines, but they also broke the law by violating imprisoned Navy Seal Edward Gallagher's rights.

Judge Aaron Rugh ordered Gallagher released from prison due to this gross misconduct, but there's a catch: it is only temporary. Not only is the judge allowing the trial to move forward, but he is letting the criminals in the prosecutor's office continue trying the case!

President Trump is overseas in the United Kingdom on a state visit. He is not being briefed on what is happening.

There are still Conservatives in Congress fighting to get Edward Gallagher fully freed and pardoned, but they're running out of time and need your help!

Please, send your urgent message to Congress (below) and DEMAND that they investigate the prosecutor's gross misconduct and pressure Pres. Trump to fully pardon Edward Gallagher before it's too late!

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