Breaking: Republicans Block Border Security Funds, Negotiating Amnesty Instead!

Seven Republicans teamed up with Democrats yesterday to pass the Left's amnesty giveaway bill. 58 House Republicans and 39 Republicans in the Senate also voted to defy the President and help Democrats strip urgent border security funding from an emergency spending bill.

The GOP is literally blocking every single border security provision that comes up for a vote and instead, negotiating with Democrats to push through the biggest no-strings-attached amnesty giveaway in American history.

And they think they can get away with this without you realizing it! The Republican leadership believes they can sabotage the President and help pass the Left's amnesty bill without facing the consequences.

We need your help right now to prove them wrong!

Please, send your instantly delivered FaxBlast (below) and FORCE Republicans and Democrats to stand down stand and kill this immigration surrender plan, or else!

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