Betrayal: GOPers Striking Deal With Pelosi To Block Border Wall Again!

Democrats and their Establishment Republican allies just approved a radical Homeland Security Spending bill that would block Trump from securing the border.

The bill cuts off all funding to border wall construction, Border Patrol hires, and new border patrol checkpoints. It also would cut ICE's detention beds to just 34,000 (down from over 49,000 last year).

That means that once Border Patrol and ICE capture 34,000 illegal aliens, they would have to start releasing illegals into the country, no matter what.

There's no coming back if this bill passes...

Pelosi now has the bill in her hand. She can schedule the final vote whenever she wants, without any notice.

You need to fight back against this suicidal bill and you need to do it now!

Please, send your instantly delivered letter to Congress (below) and FORCE Congress kill this radical open border bill before it's too late!

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