Breaking News: Deep State Caught Destroying Clinton Investigation Evidence!

We caught them. The FBI admits that key evidence proving Peter Strzok mishandled the Clinton email investigation has been miraculously destroyed.

The files contained notes showing that the DOJ Inspector General warned Strzok that Clinton's server was hacked by a foreign government. Except instead of prosecuting her for this crime, Strzok deliberately covered it up to let her off the hook. Now, the smoking gun is destroyed.

Luckily, there is still another way to make sure that Peter Strzok faces justice. Strzok lied to Congress under oath and the law says that the DOJ and FBI cannot interfere with a Congressional criminal referral.

The GOP wants to wait until after the DOJ's investigation is over. But now that these traitors have already started destroying evidence, we cannot wait for that.

Peter Strzok must be prosecuted NOW and only you can force Congress to do it!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast below and DEMAND that Congress immediately refer Peter Strzok to the US Attorney's office for perjury prosecution!

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