Surprise: Another ISIS Terrorist Got In As An Unvetted Refugee

Yesterday, the FBI arrested a Syrian refugee who was plotting to bomb a Christian church in Pittsburgh. He had entered the US three years ago under the Obama administration and has spent all that time plotting his attack.

President Trump's immediately ended the Obama refugee program after he took office, but ISIS has adapted. There is now proof that ISIS is trying to sneak terrorists into the United States using the illegal alien caravans as cover!

Republicans, however, are caving and agreeing to block border security funding yet again. They struck a deal just now with Democrats to spend $3.3 billion to resettle and take care of illegal aliens, but refuse to grant even a cent to the border wall or towards hiring new Border Patrol agents.

You must stop them!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress (below) and DEMAND that they give President Trump the power to secure the border and close these immigration loopholes that criminals and terrorists take advantage of!

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