Bombshell: James Comey Broke Law, Illegally Spied on Trump!

News just broke that James Comey broke the law and illegally spied on President Donald Trump outside of official channels. Comey flipped a White House employee and convinced him to feed him information about Trump.

The Head of the FBI spied on the President of the United States without a warrant and without any probable cause, but simply because he had a 'hunch' that President Trump was a Russian spy...

Democrats are circling the wagons to protect Comey. The entire Russian investigation was built on these illegal actions, they cannot afford to let the house of cards come crumbling down.

But now Republicans are also blocking a new investigation from moving forward. The GOP leadership believe that the Deep State should be allowed to decide whether or not Comey is punished.

This is not justice...

We need your help to bombard Congress with a quarter million FaxBlasts today!

Please, join this campaign and FORCE Congress to fully investigate Comey's crimes and refer them to the US Attorney for prosecution!

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