Another American Just Died Because of Our Asylum Loopholes

An illegal alien was just arrested in Colorado after he crashed his truck and killed an American motorcyclist. The criminal forced his way into the US on a bogus asylum claim and has abused every loophole to avoid being deported. Now, an innocent American and father of five is dead.

Lindsey Graham's bill, the Secure and Protect Act would put a stop to this once and for all. It would stop illegal aliens from using fraudulent asylum claims to force their way into the US.

But the GOP is pumping the brakes. They are using an obscure rule violation to force the bill back to committee so it cannot be pushed through alongside the must-pass spending bills.

We have never been so close to securing the border. But now, the GOP wants to give it all away!

You CANNOT allow this to happen. Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass the Secure and Protect Act by any means necessary!

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