Betrayal: 25 Republican Traitors Agreeing to Shut Down Border Wall Construction Projects!

Democrats just approved a poison-pill amendment and slipped it into the upcoming Homeland Security Appropriations Act. The amendment would block all Federal funding for border wall construction. It would claw back the President's national emergency funding that the Supreme Court already approved.

And 25 Republicans, in the House and Senate, are already lining up to help the Democrats push it through!

Border Patrol just completed 60 miles of NEW fencing and announced that they plan to build another 450 miles next year. But if this amendment survives, then the projects will shut down. The border will remain wide open.

This is the ultimate betrayal.

We can stop this. We can put a stop to this treachery and secure the border once and for all. But you need to strike back right now!

Please, send your instant and urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this open border amendment before it is too late!

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