Breaking: First Gun Confiscation Vote Now Scheduled In Congress!

The first vote has now been scheduled. The House will hold the first committee vote next week on Democrats' radical gun confiscation package. Lindsey Graham now says that he has enough Democrat support to pass his gun confiscation package in the Senate.

If this passes, millions of innocent gun owners will suddenly find themselves in the crosshairs. And instead of the government having to prove that someone broke the law in order to revoke their gun rights, this new law would force gun owners to prove their are innocent if they want to keep their firearms.

This is flagrantly unconstitutional. But the GOP is caving and agreeing to help Democrats push it through.

And the first vote is Next Week!

If you care about the 2nd Amendment, you CANNOT allow this confiscation bill to pass!

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it is too late and force them to kill thes Extreme Risk Protection Order bills right now!

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