Breaking: GOPers and Dems Caught Pushing Another Anti-Border Wall Amendment!!

We just discovered another anti-border wall amendment buried deep in the Defense Department appropriations bill. This one sentence would outlaw all Pentagon-funded border wall construction.

This would revoke Pres. Trump's border wall national emergency and cancel more than 450 miles of border wall projects set to be completed next year.

There are already 25 Republicans in the House and Senate lining up to vote for this surrender amendment. If it went to a vote right now, it would pass and border wall construction would grind to a halt.

Here's the good news: there is still time to stop it! There is still time to fight back and kill these horrible attempts to re-open our border!

But you have to take action right now!

Please, whatever you do, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right and FORCE them to kill each and every one of these open border amendments before it's too late!

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