Shameful: Liberal Judges Overturn Illegal Alien Killer's Conviction!

Liberal judges in California just overturned Jose Ines Garcia-Zarate's conviction. The 5-time deported illegal alien who killed Kate Steinle in 2015 has now been exonerated. If the Federal charges are tossed too, this murderer will be released back into society.

Every week, we see more cases where sanctuary cities are protecting illegal alien rapists, murderers, and criminals. These Leftist politicians care more about "resisting" Trump than protecting the American people. But we have a chance to stop this once and for all!

Congress is about to vote on next year's spending package. Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) has introduced the Protecting American Lives Act, which would defund sanctuary cities and lock up illegal alien repeat offenders for a minimum of five years.

But he cannot do it alone. He needs your help to force Conservatives, establishment Republicans, and vulnerable Democrats alike to vote for this amendment and end this sanctuary city crisis for good!

Please, you must send your instant and urgent FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to pass the Protecting American Lives Act by any means necessary... or else!

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