⚠ Congress is Holding a Gun Ban/Confiscation Hearing Today!

With all of the talk of impeachment, Democrats are using this opportunity to move forward with their Assault Weapons Ban of 2019.  

They are advancing their plan to ban and confiscate firearms. This is happening right now.

And instead of fighting, the GOP is offering them a compromise. Instead of approving a nationwide confiscation bill, the Republicans are offering to give the government the power to create a nationwide registry of gun owners.

Democrats are excited because this is precisely what they need to actually confiscate guns. They need to know what houses to raid.

This is the most spineless surrender I have ever seen. They are using the news coverage of impeachment to hide how they are stabbing you in the back!

Quick, send your urgent FaxBlast to the House and Senate and force them to KILL this horrible gun confiscation compromise before it's too late!

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